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Transporting Your Pet During The Pandemic


In this present situation of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, most of the people of all over the world have kept their plans for moving aside. Almost all of the countries have tightened their traveling policies because of the worldwide spread of COVID-19. Every next move has become really uncertain with travel regulations, quarantines, transport bans and cancellation etc.

In this circumstance, when traveling alone has become a taboo, then taking your pet along with you can be more stressful as the availability of international or domestic travel is unpredictable.

Travel Regulations For Transporting Pets

Some of the countries have totally restricted pet relocation services particularly in this time to hold the possibility of mass transmission of the virus, whereas some of them are providing limited transport services for shipping pets with you. The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) has imposed few regulations on pet transportation in some Asian countries like China, The United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, South Korea, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, The Philippines etc.

Such countries have placed a temporary ban on any kind of import and export of pets during Covid situation and that can be extended according to the further consideration, whereas other continental countries have permission for limited transport. Such as, Italy has started practicing shipping by air. But North America, Canada, South Africa and many more countries have extended travel bans and suspended all the services till further notice.

Only Australia has included few more travel facilities regarding pet transportation as well as people. Therefore, make a thorough research on travel bans or quarantines before flying into or out of Australia. Most of the rules and regulations related to travel during this pandemic period have proven good for both the pet and it’s owners. However, if you are in any kind of confusion, you should better contact the Pet shipping services for updated advisories.

Pets And COVID-19


All the pet owners all over the world are anxious about if COVID-19 can spread to their pet’s while traveling. For example, recently a pet dog has been checked for Covid positive in Hong Kong in the airport. This incident is highly disappointing for the pet parents, whereas experts have not agreed with this. Since, this virus is very much new with super transmission power, there is no harm to follow certain rules while contacting and moving with pets. Such as, you should cuddle or kiss your pet while both of you are traveling with other people, though The World Health Organization has given an assurance that this virus cannot spread from pets to humans and vice-versa.

According to the current status your pet should be 12 weeks or older to get eligible for traveling. Get a proper health checkup and vaccination of your pet before traveling. Pets should not be taken to the crowded areas in the airports. Generally animals don’t get sick by this virus, but they could be the carrier.

So you should maintain proper hygiene rules for your pet too, like wash your hands with soap or use sanitizers before and after touching your pet. Always wear a three layered mask. Keep the possible distance from other people. Remember, being cautious can save you from getting infected. A better option is to opt for a pet transportation company where you can choose a driver that will safely move your pet from one place to another by road.

Check Your Airlines Before Planning Pet Travel


The wide-spread of Covid-19 has caused inconsiderable loss in international travel as well as domestic. Most of the airlines are trying to recover the damage by cutting down the long international routes into several divisions. Such as, Virgin Australia has curtailed 8% of international capacity and 5% of domestic flights due to lack of service demands. Qantas’s capacity has decreased up to 25% for both domestic and international shipments.

British Airways has banned all their flights to Italy and China. Similarly, Lufthansa has cancelled 23000 flights along with the passenger airlines.

Effect Of Coronavirus On International Pet Travel


Most of the international pet travel agencies have been compelled to lessen their pet relocation services in this Covid situation. Coronavirus has perplexed the whole travel and transportation system. Make sure that you have taken all the essential precautionary measures for yourself and your fondle and follow them sincerely. This pandemic has created a continuous unpredictability in our surroundings.

Regulations and restrictions regarding traveling are changing constantly for both animals and humans. Maybe you have to wait a long time for traveling to your desired destination or may you need to travel earlier than your planned schedule because of the unpredictability of flights.

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