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Funny Things Dogs Do

Funny Things Dogs Do

Having dogs as pets can be fun at times. If you have one then you can relate that dogs do many funny things when they are alone.

Having dogs as pets can be like having a pandora box of your own where you can keep asking new questions daily to yourself. The dogs like teacup poodle are the cutest creatures on the earth, they are most impressive dogs and they keep happy for hours they entertain you with funny and cute acts.

 Can dogs drink tea with milk? Why a dog does what it does? Why do dogs act weirdly at times? Dogs can be sometimes entertaining and other times annoying the hell out of you. Because it can become extremely irritating sometimes as well.

Well, what are those funny habits which dogs do and how adoring do they look, then these will be discussed as follows. You should read and check if any of these seem resembling to your own dog. You will surely enjoy reading it.

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1) Looking at their Reflection & Barking

Dogs have this weird habit of barking whenever they seem themselves in the mirror and keeps barking relentlessly without a break. It is quite funny to see them barking at their own reflection where they think that it is some other dog in the mirror. They bark continuously and make faces at their own reflection as well.

If your dog hasn’t done this yet then may be, you should introduce your dog with the mirror. Once it will see its reflection, you will have one hell of an entertainment.

2) Dog Dreaming

This one might sound odd at first but do you know that dogs actually dream and they dream just like normal human beings do. They can even sleep-walk or sleep-run if they are seeing themselves walking or running in their dreams. Quite weird, right? But it is funny as well simultaneously, no?

If you ever find your dog doing the same then don’t get shocked or surprised. It is just them seeing a dream. You can simply bring them back to their place by pacifying them quietly.

3) Strange Sleeping Positions

You might or might not have encountered the weird and strange sleeping positions of your dog. Dogs have the tendency of sleeping in the weirdest positions out there. They can even sleep with their legs all up in the air or they may sleep in that curled-up position.

These positions are usually extremely hilarious and a vision worth seeing. If you haven’t encountered it yet then you should expect to see them in near future.

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4) Sleeping or Lazing Around on Sofa

Dogs have a strange affection with the sofa. They love to squeeze themselves on a sofa even if there is little to no space. They would make the space for themselves on their own. How do they do it? Then it is still a mystery to us.

Seeing your own dog lazing around this way might be the cutest thing out there.

5) Barking, Barking, & Barking

Whilst dogs’ can be funny at times but can be annoying and irritating as well. They sometimes keep barking at nothing. Perhaps, this is their way of enjoying themselves or having fun with their own selves.

If you ever see your own dog doing it then don’t get surprised or feel upset. It’s just their way of cheering themselves up.

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