PETS TOURS Cat Advice Overview On Hyperthyroidism And How CBD Oil For Cat Treats Help

Overview On Hyperthyroidism And How CBD Oil For Cat Treats Help

Overview On Hyperthyroidism And How CBD Oil For Cat Treats Help

Our cats grow fast and as days pass by, they may develop health problems that we cannot even notice, especially when we rarely visit an expert for checkups and this is something that we should not tolerate. We are all aware that it is normal for our kitty to be active or playful, but this does not mean that they are always fine because they also need medicines and supplements to be healthy. Your veterinarian may prescribe you with natural or organic enhancers like CBD oil, which you may read from anationofmoms or other sites if you prefer this than medicinal drugs.

Indeed, medications are effective and you can easily get these from reputable pharmacies, but there are also pet owners who are looking for alternative ways to treat their cats’ illness. Let’s say that they are not against medications that are prescribed by the doctors in most clinics but as “parents” of these dear kitties, we have the right to choose what to take. This little fellow is your responsibility as their owner, so you can decide which clinic to go, veterinarian to consult, and treats to provide because you know very well what’s best for your dear feline.

Now, one of the health issues that your pet may experience is hyperthyroidism and this is actually a disorder that you need to take seriously since this may lead to other problems, which will surely break your heart. That’s why, we have to consider all sorts of possible treatments and not to only rely on the ones that we personally want to apply because even if we are the one who takes care, we still need to trust expert opinions. Keep in mind that hyperthyroidism may start to occur at the middle age, so you have to be extra observant.

What about hyperthyroidism or thyrotoxicosis?

This is a common disorder among cats, especially to the matured and the ones getting old, and older. This occurs due to the increased thyroid hormone production, which means that the gland got bigger and it would be difficult for the kitty to eat so he will lose weight. You should know that there are 2 thyroid glands and both are vulnerable to the disease.

The enlargement happens when an adenoma is developed, though it is a non-cancerous type of tumor. However, this is alarming when it happened to be thyroid adenocarcinomas which is a malignant tumor, though this case is rare.

It is not easy to figure out how this problem started. The causes may be due to diet or other health issues. But when not treated on time, it may lead to a more serious illness that can contribute to the suffering and pain felt. Go to to read further about this condition.

Clinical Signs

At first, the signs that are developed may be subtle but as the disease progresses it can be severe. These classic signs include weight loss, poor hair coat, and increase in appetite, thirst, irritability, restlessness, activity, heart rate, and urination. 

Other signs, such as vomiting, diarrhea, heat intolerance, panting and seeking for cooler spots. And then, there are also cases where they lose their appetite, generally weak, and weariness.


You have to visit your vet for him to check your pet. Now, if he suspects that he is suffering from hyperthyroidism, then he will perform a physical examination, especially around the part of the neck. When the possibility of having this disease, he needs to check the levels of the hormone through the blood chemistry panel.

Due to the fact this disorder may affect the cat’s condition, he will also check the general health. Of course, he should monitor the heart and check the kidneys as well by performing a urinalysis. This will help in gathering details about the functions of various organs.

Other Treatments Available

Anti-thyroid medications can be prescribed to reduce the release and production of hormones. It may not be a cure, but it helps in controlling the disease. Depending on the condition and level of hormone, the prescription could be for a short or long term use, so regular checkup must be done for monitoring. With this is a dietary therapy, where iodine taken during the meal must be limited to treat the disease.

This may work for felines taking medications or for other medical conditions, but it may worsen the disease in some cases, so such concerns must be discussed with the veterinarian. While other cats undergo a certain procedure like surgical thyroidectomy where the thyroid glands will be removed. This is actually a permanent cure that can eliminate the prescription of drugs or the application of other alternatives. However, it could be risky to kitties with heart or kidney problems because it may lead to complications and it is crucial when it comes to maintaining the calcium level.

Radioactive Iodine Therapy is also available where your kitty will be injected with radioactive iodine for the blood to absorb. The radiation will destroy the abnormal tissues of the thyroid glands. This therapy will normalize the hormone level during the treatment without side effects and for a long-term cure – click this for your future reference.

How CBD Oil Helps

There are veterinarians and owners, who believe that CBD oil will benefit pets in managing pains. Aside from that, it could be an alternative to supplement cat issues, such as anxiety, increased appetite, and calmness. Keep in mind that animals are not always picky when it comes to food because it could be an underlying sign that owners and veterinarians need to deal with.

Anyway, CBD or cannabidiols are natural chemical extracts that are usually coming from hemp. This is a compound that helps in stimulating the feline’s appetite, so it would be beneficial to pets with hyperthyroidism. Substances with this extract can be used for therapeutic applications not only in human beings but in animals as well.

The endocannabinoid system found in animals will also help in regulating physiological functions, especially when it comes to sleeping, moods, pains, and immunity. Remember that the CBD compound influences cannabinoid receptors that can be found in the most important parts of the body where the immune, nervous, and brain system. That made this natural extract important to the conditions of the users.

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