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Training Your Dog During The Pandemic

Training Your Dog During The Pandemic

Training your dog requires a lot of work, and the pandemic has made it more difficult. Getting a qualified dog trainer, Wigan would be the best thing to do.

How To Train Your Dog During The Pandemic?

The training of dogs must start early. The first thing you must understand is that dogs cannot tell the difference between what is right and wrong. They are not born with this knowledge.

Dogs require consistency. Get all members of your family to agree before deciding about the rules. Constant supervision of dogs is a must. However, there will be time during the day when you cannot supervise your dog. During that time, you cannot let your dog run around the house. It will find trouble. A crate is the best option for you. The crate can be a safe space for your dog when you cannot supervise it.

Punishing your dog is the worst option. You should train your dog through positive reinforcement. That means you should praise and reward your dog when it does something right. Rewards can be treats. You must not give your dog too many treats. Especially human food. Use half of its regular food as treats.

You should formulate a schedule for feeding and watering your dog. The ease with which you housebreak your dog depends on this. Young puppies do not have large bladders.

Dogs must not be allowed to interact with kids and other dogs without supervision. Dogs must be allowed to experience different things. You must also remember that your puppy will not comfortable with all experiences. Forcing them into such situations is not right. They need time to adapt to such situations. Remember to praise and reward your dog if it does the right thing.

Remember that entertaining your dog at all times is not a good thing. You may have to spend time away from your dog. It would be good for your dog to learn how to settle down alone. They should also be comfortable with it.

Never compare your dog’s progress with another dog. This is because each dog is an individual, and the rate at which they learn will be different.


Dog training Wigan should be a success if you follow these tips. In case you have any doubts or unsure about how to train your dog, you should consult a qualified dog trainer Wigan.

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