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How To Choose Favourite Foods For Your Dog?


As loving pet owners, you shouldn’t only give your dog essential things like shelter and pet insurance. It would be best if you also gave things that your dog enjoys (within reason, of course). When it comes to food, it needs to be healthy and balanced, but also have good taste and texture. If the food is healthy, tasty, and filling, your dog will happily gobble it up. Dogs have much fewer taste buds compared to humans, so you need to make sure that their meals taste good every time you feed them.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some tips on how to choose favourite for your dog. Let’s get started:

Observe His Eagerness- it’s a good sign if your dog waits eagerly for his meal. Dogs are sincere and they will show it if there are excited. When you give the commands “wait” or “sit”, your dog will quickly comply. If the food isn’t appetising to your dog, he will respond less eagerly to commands. See if your dog checks around the bowl and moves the food with his nose, because it’s a sign that he is looking for something more appealing. If the dog seems to obsess over your food, it may mean that his meal isn’t appetising enough. This is especially useful during residential dog training as rewards can be given for following commands.

Observe Pace Of Eating- you dog really enjoys his meal if he eats it quickly in one sitting. If you give your dog an appropriate serving size and there’s no leftovers, it means your dog loves the meal. If your dog eats too slowly or reluctantly, it’s time to choose a different type of meal.

Try Different Flavour And Texture- this is a trial and error method to know whether your dog has certain preferences. Dogs have unique personalities and even their siblings can display different preferences. Your dog may prefer something bolder and more flavourful, but others might want something softer and moist. One dog enjoys poultry, while others wants mostly beef. Consult a residential dog training Liverpool expert about how to experiment with new foods.

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