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The Ideal Bearded Dragon Tank Size

The Ideal Bearded Dragon Tank Size

Do you have a bearded dragon? Do you want to own a bearded dragon? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place. Caring for a bearded dragon can be very exciting; however, they are not like the common animals that we domesticate at home—like dogs and cats—they are wild reptiles and would need special caring measures in order to survive in captivity. And one of the most important requirements of caring for a bearded dragon is a well-planned and ideal habitat. Creating a healthy habitat for your pet would involve several factors but as for this discussion, we will only focus on the ideal bearded dragon tank size.

There are 8 known species of bearded dragons and they all have originated from Australia. But the most commonly exhibited and domesticated variety is the Pogona vitticeps, otherwise known as the inland bearded dragon, central bearded dragon, or yellow-headed bearded dragon. This specie can normally be found crawling on the grounds of the dry lands and deserts of Central Australia; however, it is not unusual to be seeing them perching on low-lying tree branches in partially forested areas. They are mainly ground dwellers and are day-time (diurnal) creatures. By knowing these facts about the nature of your bearded dragon, you will have a greater chance of giving them a home they will love.

Most reptile experts and bearded dragon enthusiasts recommend a glass enclosure, but a cage made of wood or melamine will also do. It is however not advisable to have a cage that is made up of wires since this might cause injury to your reptile and is not able to retain heat effectively (dragons need a hot environment). Here is a list of best cages for bearded dragons. If your dragon is an adult, it will most likely be 15 to 20 inches in length; hence you must provide it with an enclosure that will have enough room for movement and comfort. A 50 gallon glass tank will do but a bigger tank will be more beneficial to your pet. Experts say that a 75 to 120 gallon glass enclosure that is 48″ long, 24″ wide, and 18” high is ideal for your adult dragon’s comfort. However, if your bearded dragon is still a baby or juvenile, a 10 to 15 gallon enclosure will suffice. Your pet’s enclosure should be topped with a tight-fitting screen covering and should have a safe and easy-to-clean substrate or flooring. Other than the factors already mentioned, your bearded dragon should also have “furniture” in its home—a basking rock, ornamental plants (like sansevieria, aloe, palms and cycads), climbing braches and hide boxes. These things will make your dragon feel like it is living in its natural habitat.

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Like us, our pets also need a comfortable home—one that allows them to move freely and one that has the right conditions for a healthy living. So when building or buying a home for bearded dragon, put yourself in their shoes; this way you will be able to buy a home that is ideal for the animal.