PETS TOURS Dog Advice Must-Have Supplies When You Hunt with Your Dog

Must-Have Supplies When You Hunt with Your Dog

Must-Have Supplies When You Hunt with Your Dog

Certain breeds of dogs make great hunting dogs. This includes the American foxhound, the Pointer, and the English Springer Spaniel. Of course, many other dogs can accompany you out onto the hunt as well.

The moment you decide that you want to take your dog on the hunt with you, there are some supplies you should plan on getting.

GPS Dog Tracker

The reality is that your dog is going to have access to the open woods. Whether you let them roam free or they break free from their leash, you want a way to be able to find and locate them quickly. The Garmin Alpha 200i is a premium dog tracking and training system that utilizes a dog-focused design and satellite technology. Your dog will have a collar on that has a GPS tracker. Then, you can have full wireless software on the tracker so that you can triangulate your dog’s whereabouts.

Ultimately, the dog tracker ensures that you can have your canine at your side without spending the majority of your hunting trip tracking them down.

First Aid Kit

Remember that you’re running all over the woods with your dog. Just as you should have a first aid kit for you, the same goes for your dog. A first-aid kit for dogs should contain a number of different things:

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Gauze
  • Nonstick bandages
  • Antibiotic spray
  • Scissors

Often, dogs will get a cut on their pad, or they’ll get sliced up as they run through the brush. Knowing what needs to be done out in the field until they can be seen by a vet will help them. It can ensure they have the means to walk out of the woods – and you can prevent a wound from becoming infected.

Water Bottle

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Your dog is going to get thirsty, especially when you’re out on a hunt for several hours. As your dog runs around, it’ll get dehydrated. Make sure you have a few bottles of water that are dedicated just for your dog.

Depending on the breed of your dog and what they enjoy, find a water bottle that is easy to drink from – or buy a collapsible bowl. This way, you can give them water on the go so that they stay healthy and ready for whatever is going on for the day.

Hunting Vest

There’s a reason why you wear camouflage as well as orange when you’re out in the woods – to maintain your cover and make sure that you don’t get shot by other hunters in the area. You need to take the same precautions with your dog. A hunting vest is a must for hunting dogs. Just be sure that you find one that is specifically sized for them so that it is comfortable and doesn’t limit their range of motion.

Final Thoughts

There are a few other supplies you may want to pack depending on your dog, the length of your hunt, as well as where you’ll be hunting:

  • Dog blanket/jacket
  • Dog boots
  • Dog training whistle
  • Snacks

After you take your dog hunting a few times, you’ll likely determine which supplies are a must.7

Hunting dogs are capable of performing a number of different tasks. Some will search for the game while others will retrieve what you have shot down, such as ducks and grouse. When you have your dogs running all over the woods, it’s important that you have the necessary supplies. Get a dog tracker and keep a bag packed with the various supplies so you’re ready for anything and everything.

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