PETS TOURS Dog Advice Why There Is A Need To Clip Dog Nails

Why There Is A Need To Clip Dog Nails

Why There Is A Need To Clip Dog Nails

One important aspect of owning a dog is grooming, which determines, to a large extent, the general well being of the dog. A key aspect of dog grooming is trimming its nails, which helps protect them from injury and make them happy. Your dog’s nails should be clipped from time to time to help them walk comfortably and prevent the nail from tearing off, leading to severe discomfort.

When Exactly are your Dog’s Nails too Long?

You should be able to slide a piece of paper between your dog nail and the floor without obstruction from the nail. When you observe that your dog’s nails make a scratching sound while walking, then it is time for you to clip those nails.

Similarly, you know it is time to clip your dog’s nails when you see that the nails are touching the floor from an aerial viewpoint. At this point the need of a best dog nail grinder comes in to play.

Why you need to Clip your Dog’s Nails

Dogs that frequent the outdoors regularly are not as likely to need constant nail trimming as those that stay indoors. This is because outdoor dogs’ nails are quickly worn down due to their activity on hard surfaces like concrete, tiled roads etc. But with the high number of urban dogs who are mostly indoors walking on soft surfaces, it might be difficult for most dogs to wear their nail down, putting the dog at risk of growing long nails.

While long dog nails can be unattractive, more importantly, they pose a serious health challenge for your dog. When a dog nail constantly touches the ground, its exact force back to the nail bed; this force is similar to what is experienced by someone putting on a tight shoe with pressure applied on their toe joint. This can adversely affect the joint alignment.

Long nails change a dog’s natural alignment, making running and walking more difficult for the dog. In certain situations, the dog might avoid any contact with the nail, and even a slight human contact will result in excruciating pain.

This discomfort that leads to a change in a dog’s natural posture can deteriorate further, resulting in weight imbalance. In some cases, it can affect the dog’s spine, which is very unhealthy, especially when the dog is aged. Overgrown nails also have a higher risk of been torn off, and you may need the intervention of a veterinarian depending on its severity.

Humans and dogs may not particularly enjoy the process of nail clipping, but it must be done. If your dog is not used to clipping, it nails it takes a great deal and patience. However, the longer the time you wait before trimming your dog’s nails, the more painful the trimming experience will be when you finally get to it.

A step-by-Step Guide to Trimming a Dog’s Nails

Prepare the Equipment

Get best dog nail grinder clipper or scissor and a flashlight if possible. Make your dog familiar with the equipment, introduce him to it, let him sniff the equipment and give him a treat. This gives the dog sense of security.

Define the Cutting Range

Dog nails are supplied with blood vessels, and an inappropriate cutting range can lead to cut on the vessels causing severe pain. A good flashlight can help you see clearly in cases of dark nails.

Get to Trimming

Trim the nails one step at a time, and you can also reward the dog to make him feel comfortable. Use palm balsam in other to soften the skin around the nail reduce the pain. Trim the hair between the paws for perfect results.

Reward your Good girl/boy

Make nail trimming a fun experience for your dog by offering special treats after each nail cutting session. This will help your dog feel less uncomfortable about having his nail cut.

How Often you need to Clean your Dog’s Nails

We recommend that you trim your dog’s nails at least every fortnight (2 weeks interval). Dog owners with dogs that rarely go outdoor and are likely to grow nails faster are advised to stick to this schedule or trim weekly to keep their pets healthier and happier.


Good health starts with regular grooming and a perfect dog-pedicure! Following the simple routine in this guide for a more wholesome companionship with your pet.