PETS TOURS Dog Advice Take Care of Your Dog’s Paws in 3 Easy Steps

Take Care of Your Dog’s Paws in 3 Easy Steps

Take Care of Your Dog’s Paws in 3 Easy Steps

Dogs are known for their amazing sense of smell, but did you know that they also have a great sense of touch? Their paws are covered in nerve endings and sensitive to temperature, helping our furry friends to feel the world around them. If your pet is feeling discomfort or pain from his feet, he may not be able to enjoy life as much as he should. A simple paw care routine can provide your pooch more comfort for walking and exploring.

Pampering your pet’s paw pad only takes a few minutes of your day. This simple but necessary ritual will keep his paws healthy, clean, moisturized, and protected against rough surfaces or extreme temperatures. In this article, you’ll learn how to protect your puppy’s feet in 3 easy steps with some of my favorite paw care products.

1- Cleansing

If your dog has been running around outside, the soles of his feet are probably dirty and they can even have small grits or dirt stuck to them. After a day out, wash him up at home with a Paw Plunger, a silicon bristle cup that easily and comfortably removes dirt, mud, and sand that gets stuck in between the paws.

Once his feet are clean again, check for any irregularity, like cuts, overgrown nails, dry paw pads, or any remnant of filth. You will be able to see if he needs any medical attention or special home care in his paws.

2 – Moisturizing

Your dog’s paw pads can easily wear down and get dry, leading to cracked skin and bleeding. In addition, extreme weather temperatures in summer or winter can injure and burn his feet. Prevent this discomfort by applying a nourishing and healing balm.

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Once his paws are clean, your pet will be soothed with a Paw Soother Stick. This natural balm protects your dog’s paws against dryness, scarring, and allergies, creating a thick barrier between the feet and the ground. It’s ideal to shield his feet against the harshness of hot or cold pavements.

3 – Nail Trimming

If your pet’s nails are touching the floor when he walks, it is a sign that you need to trim them. Overgrown claws can become itchy and uncomfortable for your pet. When they’re long they bend and press into his paws, causing damage such as bruising or bleeding on their paws. A quick nail trimming can restore comfort for him by reducing the pressure on the paws and claws.

Trim your dog’s nails every two weeks with a nail grinder for dogs, a whisper-quiet and vibration-free device, that doesn’t scare your pet while you’re shortening his claws. This USB rechargeable grinder allows you to use it anywhere and comes with two speeds, making the trimming experience suitable for all pets.

Before start grinding, make sure your pet is comfortable around the device. Turn your LuckyTail on and let him get used to the sound, you can also give him some treats and cuddles to make him feel protected.

At low speed first, tilt the device at a 45-degree angle and gently start grinding from the top to the bottom of the nail. Focus on one nail at a time, touching the grinder for no more than 5 seconds against the claw.

Once you remove the sharp tip, touch the nail again in a circular motion to give a round shape and polish it after.

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