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The 5 Best Chicken Breeds For Your Backyard Coop

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If you’re looking to start a backyard coop in your home, it is essential to choose the chicken breeds carefully. Only once you can pick them correctly, you can be sure that you will be able to raise the right chickens.

We will today share with you the five best a chicken breeds for your backyard coop.

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ISA Brown

Isa Brown is a copyrighted brand name. It is a patented name by a French company. It was patented in 1978. The company was pretty famous for choosing the right kind of chicken coop breeds. That is why the period which the company chose got that name as well. If you’re looking for an easy to raise chicken breeds, you should go with this one.

Plymouth Rock

If you’re a beginner chicken raiser, Plymouth rock is the perfect option for you. It has been pretty popular since the 1900s. It is highly responsive and also playful. That ensures that you will have a lively chicken coop quite easily. They are popular all over America and is one of the most natural breeds to raise.


Barnevelder is a Dutch breed which is now become quite popular all over the world. The reason for this is the high-end yield which they have on offer. Moreover, they are pretty visually appealing as well. They are also straightforward to raise which is an added advantage.


From the name itself, it is pretty clear that this is a breed which comes from Australia. Due to the high-end yield, this breed has become popular all over the world. Also, they can be raised in smaller a space which ensures that you do not have to worry about creating a bigger chicken coop at your home.

Naked neck

That is a chicken breed which is pretty popular due to the unique neck design of the chicken. They have an entirely featherless neck. As a result, they stand out as compared to the other breeds. They are an excellent breed for layer chickens. That is an added advantage which can increase the yield of your poultry farming quite easily.


Thus, when you’re looking for different breeds which you can raise in your backyard chicken coop, these are the five options which you should look at. These five options ensure that you can raise chickens more easily. If you’re raising chickens for the 1st time, you should definitely pick up breed among these five.