PETS TOURS Dogs The Ins and Outs of Schutzhund Training

The Ins and Outs of Schutzhund Training

The Ins and Outs of Schutzhund Training

Dogs have been living with people and positively affecting their lives through the centuries. They are capable of showing warmth and affection, and even seeming to worry when they feel as though something is not right. Due to their intuitive nature and their intelligence, dogs are the ideal domesticated animal.

Of course, not all dogs behave in the same way. They exhibit a range of tendencies, and just like humans, they can be passive or aggressive, loud or quiet, playful or lethargic. Schutzhund is a German word, which means protection dog. Schutzhund training is a method by which people attempt to focus a dog’s energies, to make for a more ideal companion.

What Is Shutzhund Training?

In Schutzhund training Miami Fl, you will find happy trainers, happy canines and happy clients. The training consists of evolving the positive traits that dogs naturally have, which makes them better companions. Schutzhund is a competitive sport in which dogs are evaluated on their tracking, obedience and protection skills. The training and competitions are open to various breeds, but it was originally geared toward German Shepherds.

At Schutzhund competitions, or trials, the dog’s intelligence and efficacy, since as it relates to being a good pet, are tested. They also act as a training ground for working dogs, such as police dogs or guide dogs.

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There are three levels of Schutzhund trials, ranging from novice to advanced. At the novice level, dogs must be at least 18 months old, and must perform basic tests in the three skill areas. At the intermediate level, dogs must be at least 19 months old and must demonstrate agility, control and endurance, even as the three skill area tests become harder. At the advanced level, dogs must be at least 20 months old and hold previous titles.

What Are Potential Benefits of Schutzhund Training?

The benefits to the dog are tantamount to those of the owner. The dogs are able to engage socially, mentally and physically, and they enjoy it. Their proclivity to be trained becomes less mysterious as you examine the process by which they become capable of so many tasks, such as finding items placed deliberately in a field, or defending their owner from a potential threat.

Consider how much a dog craves positive human attention. Every time the animal is engaging with the training, it is given positive attention and treats. Consider, too, how much a human appreciates a well-behaved companion that can be counted on for sound judgment in myriad situations. Schutzhund training is a win-win scenario for everybody involved.