PETS TOURS General What To Know About Equestrian Helmets

What To Know About Equestrian Helmets

What To Know About Equestrian Helmets

If you’re in the market for a new horseback riding helmet, you may want to know a little bit more about what you ought to be looking for and what features a helmet can have. You’re in the right place because they’re a few things to know about what your helmet should do and what you can add to make your horseback riding the best experience possible.

Safety & Style

The most important part of your helmet’s purpose is to protect you and your head. When perusing a shop or site that has equestrian helmets for sale, look for helmets with international safety certifications such as ASTM/SEI or Kitemark. Be certain to also pick a helmet that is going to fit your head properly as a snug fit is a key part of total protection. Any movement around your head significantly reduces the level of defense against injury. Make sure the chin strap or harness of the helmet is easily adjustable, secure, and comfortable as it plays an important part in the safety of the helmet. Furthermore, you’ll want to be certain you’re purchasing the right helmet for your horseback activity. Certain events or riding disciplines require special helmets so double check your requirements before purchasing.

Features & Facets 

What To Know About Equestrian Helmets

There are many additional features you can find on horseback riding helmets. Many helmets now come with a removable liner (also referred to as a headband) that can be taken out and washed or replaced should it become flat. Some removable liners are also adjustable and help get that tight fit. You may also want a helmet with ventilation in the cap that can provide a cooling airflow, especially if you’re riding long hours in the sunshine or in a hot climate. Helmets can also come with a wider brim or peak that can shade your eyes from the sun or protect you from the elements, which is especially useful in outdoors riding. Some newer helmet styles feature MIPS technology, which is a thin layer inside the helmet that provides extra protection against concussive damage.

Accents & Accessories

Finally, helmets come in a variety of materials and colors for you to choose from such as leather, matte plastic, suede, or velvet. You may also pick out colorful helmet covers to provide variety in your look. In addition to your helmet, you may purchase a helmet bag for safe storage and special helmet cleaner to help keep it fresh and good-as-new!

Now that you’ve boned up on your equestrian helmet knowledge, you’ve got the information you need to begin your search for a new helmet that suits all you and your horseback riding needs.

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