PETS TOURS Small Animal Advice The Three Basic Methods Of Feeding Your Cattle

The Three Basic Methods Of Feeding Your Cattle

The traditional method of feeding cattle is followed by many people in many countries – even now. But many more methods are used by people around the world (for feeding cattle). Some of them are very effective but some others have side effects. Therefore do enough research before selecting a specific feeding method for your cattle. Let us discuss the three basic methods that are available for feeding your cattle. These methods are the traditional way of grazing, giving food supplements (like crop residues) etc. The third method consists of feeding certain food supplements which are created in the lab. Make sure that you buy such supplements only from the safe & best Dairy cattle feed suppliers in India –  to ensure that no harm happens to the cattle through the use of artificial food supplements.

Three basic methods or tools that are used for feeding the cattle are:

  • Grazing
  • Natural supplements
  • Supplements manufactured in Labs


You can see in grasslands & certain other areas that the cattle will be grazing freely and thereby filling their stomach as much as they can. This is a traditional way that is followed by people all over the world. The cattle will be left freely in open areas for grazing. They will eat enough amount of grass and other vegetations as much as possible to keep away their hunger. This is the oldest way of feeding the cattle and is followed in many places till now. One or two people will be going along with the group of animals – to take care of them & to keep them away from the attack of other animals like tiger, lion etc. The assistance of people also helps in getting the cattle back to their home – properly without any confusion.

Natural supplements

Natural supplements are also given to the cattle so that they get enough nutrients from the food that they intake. This happens mostly when the livestock is grown along with farming. The waste that is produced by the livestock is used for growing plants and the crops that are produced by the plants are used for not only selling purposes but also for feeding the animals. Mostly it is not the direct crop that is used for feeding cattle but the waste materials produced while processing the crops. This helps in keeping the environment clean as the waste materials that is produced while processing the crops help in feeding your livestock and thereby reduces the maintenance issues like waste disposal problems. Therefore the most of the cattle managing industries are growing livestock along with farming – to get benefited from both.

Supplements manufactured in Labs

Certain supplements are manufactured in the Labs. Make sure that you purchase such supplements & use it with your cattle; only after doing enough research. Buy good supplements from Cattle Feed Supplement Company in India and ensure the health of your cattle for acquiring better profit through better growth of your livestock.

The three main methods of feeding your cattle are: letting them graze independently and assisting them whenever needed. This is the oldest method followed by many (till now). The second method is providing them with food supplements which are natural – like the waste materials produced while processing the crops like corn, grains etc. This ensures that the cattle get enough nutrients via the supplements offered to them. The third method uses the supplements that are manufactured in laboratories. These are not completely natural and therefore have to be given after gathering proper reference. Consult a veterinary doctor before using such supplements. Make sure that you gather the supplements only from the best in the field; so that no negative effects occur but only better results are offered through the usage of the same. You can adapt any of the above three methods for feeding your cattle – as per the health condition & needs of your cattle.